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After Dr. Anthony Fauci testified to Congress on Friday that the U.S. has continued to experience a surge in cases — while Europe has better tamed its outbreak — because the U.S. never completely shut down, President Trump called the nation’s top disease doctor “wrong” in a tweet on Saturday, again misleadingly claiming the U.S. has “more cases because we have tested far more than any other country.”

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Trump replied to a video of Fauci testifying in front of Congress on Friday:

During the testimony, Fauci was asked why Europe has been able to tame its outbreak, while the United States has continued to see a dramatic increase in cases.

Fauci explained that Europe shut down 95% of its economy when the virus first spread while the U.S. “functionally” only closed about 50%.

Trump claimed Fauci was “wrong,” and repeated a misleading talking point that the surge in cases in the U.S. is due to increased testing.

While the U.S. has tested more than any other country in the world, the positivity rate — a statistic epidemiologists say is a better measure of the extent of an outbreak — has बढ़ी, indicating the virus is spreading rapidly.

Some European countries, जैसे कि फ्रांस, have seen an uptick in cases recently, but it pales in comparison to the size of the outbreak in the U.S., while countries such as Germany have not needed to test as much as the U.S. क्योंकि they were able to control their outbreak early.

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“I stand by my previous statement that the increase in cases was due to a number of factors,” including states reopening too quickly and people “congregating in crowds and not wearing masks,” Fauci said during congressional testimony Friday.

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Trump has repeatedly claimed that the surge in coronavirus cases around the country is due to increased testing. During a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma last month, Trump claimed he told health officials to slow down testing. The White House later कहा he was speaking in “jest” but then the president said he doesn’t “kid.”


While the U.S. is testing large amounts of people per day, the high demand is के कारण long delays in testing results.

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Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jackbrewster/2020/08/01/trump-claims-fauci-wrong—but-again-falsely-blames-coronavirus-surge-on-increased-testing/